At Revesby Garage we offer a wide range of services for aircooled vehicles along side, general maintenance, servicing, welding, MOT preparation.

We offer the following Engine Services -

Modifications & Tuning

Electronic Ignitions

Carb Modifications - These are especially good if you are finding you are suffering from Flat Spots, and Hesitation. The modification has been designed by Cav himself over the past few years, and it has been proven to improve your performance and also improve fuel consumption.


We also offer the following conversions,

Disc Brakes

Brake Servo

Power Assisted Steering


As we are passionate about VW's we also promote Winter Treatments, this is to prevent any corrosion on the underside of your vehicle. It includes the vehicle been cleaned down throughly on the underside and a full Wax Oil to protect it from the elements, salt etc. This costs around £120 to £150 (Inc. VAT @ 20%) dependant on the condition of your vehicle,

and is very popular at the end of the Summer Season.


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